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Helping companies transform their information culture



Lewandog, Inc. is a consulting and services firm created to help companies successfully navigate the transformation of their information culture.

The new world of BI tools has allowed the layperson to work with data in ways that have never before been possible. They are allowing people to make impacts on revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction at a faster rate and lower cost than traditional tools, have crushed the incumbent vendors, and are forcing changes in roles, processes, budgets, and resources. They demand a change in the traditional frameworks to fully exploit their capabilities and transform your organization or company.

Traditional methodologies applied to new tools will yield traditional results, and many companies struggle to find their way as they move from a culture of control to a culture of self-reliance and influence. Lewandog, Inc. is here to guide you through these challenging times, employing a methodology which is focused on the activities surrounding the technology to close the value gap of data, create a vibrant culture of collaboration, manage change, define and communicate your value proposition, organize resources to best use their skills, and grow your practice.


“I have the experience only learned through both failure and success to guide you on your journey.”


I discovered Tableau in 2007 while looking for a way to move faster than traditional tools and processes would allow. The immediate impact on the business allowed me to make tremendous, measurable impacts; driving productivity, customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits in ways which were previously impossible. I quickly recognized that a net new category of tools would act to transform BI and analytics.

As patient zero (1st Tableau license) at Cisco, I led the charge to grow the Tableau footprint into a scalable program, enabling any individual or department to use their data in better ways.

  • Grew from 1 to 2700 desktop licenses, multiple server environments and 8,000 unique users weekly
  • Became 1 of the 5 largest Tableau installations in the world
  • Designed and led CoE (center of excellence) framework for success

My methodology remains the model for success with contemporary BI and analytics tools, which have shifted the center of gravity for all things data to the business. It has been used by hundreds to make a difference within in their organizations and companies.

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