Lewandog, Inc. Blog

Welcome to my blog!!

I am Gregory Lewandowski, President, and Owner of Lewandog, Inc., a consulting firm designed to address the challenges of “The New World” of BI. I aid companies as they scale their BI implementations from department to Enterprise, focusing on the activities which allow them to sustain their growth in today’s business world.

This blog will be published approximately every 2 weeks, and will include topics like metrics, CoE’s (centers of excellence), design, DataViz, storytelling, the business of BI, etc. I strive to create relatively short, and to the point content, which will address BI, Analytics, and Tableau from the perspective of forward thinking practitioners often caught between the business and technical sides of the house. You will not see jargon, database schema, or code of any sort, but instead, you will see that the new world of BI is a different animal, and success in this world will NOT scale if NOT treated as such.

Thank you,

Gregory Lewandowski